Unusual Ways to Maintain Your Dartboard

Whether you invested in a quality dartboard or you just love to take care of your things – you must want to maintain your dartboard and make it last longer. Most dartboards are meant to withstand a fair amount of damage obtained through countless dart games. But irrespective of how high its quality is, every dartboard requires some minimum maintenance and care.

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Here are some tips for dartboard maintenance:

  1. Twist the dart for removal: When it is time to removing the darts from the dartboard make sure to not pull but twist instead. This ensures that you do not cause much damage to the dartboard.
  2. Keep the dartboard setup simple: You may wish to get a nice dartboard setup including a nice cabinet to keep clean and showcase your dartboard in a visually appealing manner. But keep in mind that opting for a heavy cabinet can be dangerous and a loss. Especially if the wall mount is not done properly. A heavy cabinet with a weak wall mount can come crashing down. Therefore, do not overdo your setup, rather keep it simple.
  3. Keep water away: Many people may think it is okay to clean dartboards with water or other gentle cleaning liquids. But the natural bristle fibres do not do well with water or humidity. Therefore, you must always keep away water from the dartboards. Keep your dartboards clean and dry and wipe with a dry cloth if you wish to remove dust.
  4. Rotate your dartboard often: Rotating your dartboard often is essential if you play regularly. This is because there are certain areas of the dartboard that are more prone to wear and tear than the rest. When you rotate your board the areas prone to wear and tear constantly keep switching. Therefore, reducing the amount of damage due to constant targeting and the uneven damage is eliminated.

For someone who plays the game of darts often, it must be your aim to make your dartboard last. These basic tips will help you to achieve that objective.

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