Things you should try in Holland

Are you visiting the Netherlands soon? Then you’ve chosen a special place you will not soon forget. The Netherlands is different from anything you’ve ever seen before and there are many things to see, try and do. Below we have listed a few of these to get you started, so check them out right away!

Eat stroopwafels

The best way to describe stroopwafels is something along the lines of a thin, crunchy and tasty waffle which is filled with a sweet type of syrup which the Dutch call stroop. To get the most out of your stroopwafel, try them warm.  You’ll love these for sure!

Sample all the cheese

The Dutch make great cheese. Much of the countries’ inhabitants enjoy a daily sandwich which consists of just a slice of bread and a slice of cheese. It is simply that good! So, be sure to sample all of the cheese.

Check out windmills

The Netherlands is not just famous for their quirky food. They also claimed land from the sea by using windmills and are famous for doing so. The remnants of this process is still found in the windmills that remain today and were also used for many kinds op production.

Go on a trip through canals

Many Dutch towns have canals. It is great to explore these towns by boating through them, so be sure to go on at least 1 canal boat trip when you visit the country!

Enjoy your trip

The easiest way to try all of these things is with one of the many rental cars in the Netherlands. You can rent these in many different locations. They will subsequently make your trip a lot more enjoyable since it is easy to navigate and explore the Netherlands with a rental car. Enjoy your trip!