Small Outdoor Daybed

When considering purchasing furniture for a pool-side or patio, a decision will need to be made regarding the size and type of daybed required. The choice of a small outdoor daybed will allow for an individual to relax in comfort while ensuring their is sufficient space to allow for further daybeds, of various sizes, to be utilized.


By choosing a small outdoor daybed, the homeowner has the option to be flexible when ordering further furniture items. Two single daybeds can be positioned together to provide a comfortable, and more intimate, situation when relaxing while providing the opportunity for ‘being apart’ should that be required.

A luxury statement

Quality daybeds will provide a touch of luxury to the exterior of a property during the warmer summer months. Available in a range of ‘cool’ colours and manufactured using quality materials, a daybed will provide many years of comfort and relaxation while exuding an impression of opulence at an affordable price.

A quality product

The small daybed is produced using a stainless steel frame and is covered in a simulated leather material which will remain reasonably cool, even in direct sunlight.

small outdoor daybed

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