Introduction to the Reservation System

Running a kite school in the modern-day requires a management tool that can help you schedule lessons. The system should integrate industry standards, record timings, and auto-update the schedule. Viking Booking has such a reservation software that helps both the student and the instructor to schedule the lesson so that you can concentrate on the core job.

The Viking Booking and Reservation System

Out of the need to manage kite school lessons based on demand, the developer came up with a kite school reservation system. The system handles timetabling based on availability of instructors and schedules kite lessons. It automatically notifies the student when to come for the lessons and their instructor. In case of any changes, the system automatically re-schedules the lessons to a favourable date.

Payments are integrated into the kite school reservation system, making the whole experience paperless. Tutors can communicate directly with their students at the click of a button. With such organisation, nothing goes off-grid, and you can effectively plan for your kite lessons.

Why Viking Booking Kite Reservation System Stands Out

  • Explicitly designed for kite school – the processes in the system are meant for the kite lessons. There is no need to edit the plans to suit the purpose.
  • It helps the customer plan for their lessons – they can reserve and schedule their lessons in the system, giving them the leeway to plan for their lessons.
  • Instructors follow the schedule – after the customer reservation, the instructor can log into the Viking Booking system, see the reservations and plan accordingly.
  • It integrates weather predictions into kite lessons – in case of unfavourable weather, the Viking booking system can cancel the kite lessons and allocate alternative dates.
  • The user can customise it to fit their needs – the kite school can customise special features on the system like their logo, prices and surfing packages.

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