How to explain Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is a method for the coherent design of organizational identity, the experience towards all those involved in that organization and Enterprise Architecture. Where Enterprise Architecture is the solution architecture, the coherent design of products and services, business processes, applications and IT infrastructure. Enterprise Architecture is a piece of cake and its value is not in question. But how do you explain that to a group of designers, for example? People who wouldn’t even recognize Enterprise Architecture if they stumbled upon it.

Grip on data management and integration

So you can really build on what is already there. Most people can think well in process steps. They find it more difficult to think in terms of data. While that is where most of the profit comes from innovation. On the one hand, because the (big data) analysis of existing data can lead to new or better products and services. On the other hand, because data – and agreements about data definitions – are the best guideline for the integration of existing with new services. And that integration is necessary. A good Enterprise Architecture usually contains an Information or Data Architecture. And it contains the most important business objects, information areas and data definitions that can be used organization-wide. On a silver platter for good innovation.

smarter management 

Smarter Project portfolio management based on system and innovation characteristics, so that we free up money for the initiatives that matter. Many “innovations” within organizations may be new to those involved, but the rest of the industry or other industries have done it before. Or it is an improvement in a process that is ultimately simply carried out according to industry standards. If so, you are not going to invest in custom development, but you are looking for a supplier who helps you with Business Process Management or Software As A Service. Enterprise architecture helps to divide the IT landscape into these types of lots. And thereby helps to make better investment decisions, and to spend the money where it creates extra value.

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