October 28, 2021
Brinell hardness tester

About the Brinell hardness tester

The Brinell hardness tester uses the ancient technique of rigid testing frequently used nowadays. Our test defines manufacturers and rigidity whose grain arrangement is to sequence for precise Rockwell or Vickers analysis.

Our test settings have around 50 different weight/ ball mixtures of analysis, permitting nearly all metals to be analyzed by the Brinell test method by varying the global dimension and analytic strength created on the measurement and design.

In some circumstances, as long as the globe size to examine strength proportion remains persistent, the outcomes are considered precise when shifting between Brinell test circumstances.

Outcomes are used widely in manufacturing as a foundation for approval of marketable deliveries and quality control determinations. These outcomes may relate to other metal features such as flexibility, tensile strength, wear resistance, etc.

 Our instrument can endure the harshest surroundings; it is conveyed with an air filtration structure to guard the inner against dirt.

The Brinell test explains as an indentation hardness test consisting of two necessary steps.

Brinell hardness tester

Testing procedure

 Procedure 1; by using A known indenter and a known strength, apply the known force through the known indenter vertical to the material beneath the test and hold the known power for the stated amount of time.

 Procedure 2; Measure the subsequent arrangement’s diameter in at least three directions vertical to each other. You can calculate the value from the mean of the width magnitude by using a mathematical method intended for this purpose, or more often from a diagram created on the way.

Advantage of the equipment

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