A groupon promo code refers to the alphanumeric strings that are used by online stores or companies in order to encourage their online customers to purchase their products and they are automatically applied and they contain a discount [reduction in the usual price] which either a percentage or specific amount. But for groupon promo codes they are created to tie with a different agreed or partner promotion group. They are mostly made up of computer generated codes which are either numbers or letters which the customers follow keeping in mind the steps given and enter them into a promotional box or the given site’s shopping cart in order to obtain the given set discount on the given product .


The groupon promo codes can only be used once and there after it becomes useless. It’s mostly attached with an enormous discount than the actual product cost and its either individually given to customers or a company can decide to give it to the entire population of customers. They all mostly contain particular terms and conditions [which are limitations, restrictions or requirements] set by the company to be met by the customer and the majority have an expiry date. The group promo codes are used in such a way that it can be entered just at the moment before ordering for the product or after the delivery of the product but all in all, it’s before the customer pays for the product ordered for.

The promo codes are mostly posted online by the companies or a company can decide to send it to its customer’s notification inbox or email box and they majorly depend on the campaigns the company is conducting at that particular time to woo its customers.


They are used by companies as competition for customers or for promoting its trusted regular customers.
They allow the given companies or stores to market their products.